Experience a Kind of Service You May Have Thought Disappeared Long Ago…

We’re like you – over the past few years we have seen the car repair industry change quite a bit. It has become way too impersonal. And expensive. For the average vehicle owner, there doesn’t seem to be anywhere left where repairs can be made expertly, efficiently and at a reasonable price.

At North Wheaton Auto & Truck Repair, we have set out to make a few changes in the way people can get their car repaired.

There was a time when the neighborhood garage had someone there who you could get to know and always trust that they would make the best decisions concerning your vehicle… and your wallet. We would like to think that we have recreated that atmosphere here at North Wheaton Auto & Truck Repair. (Light duty Trucks up to 1 ton only)

When it comes to keeping your vehicle running the way it should, you and your vehicle have found a new home.

Call us today to set up an appointment

monday-friday 9:00am to 5:00 pm

Call 517 543-2613


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